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Individual Artistic Track

The Individual Artistic Track: a new workshop that will be launched in the 2015 summer art program.

individual artistic track.jpg

An ideal workshop if you feel you need individual attention and lots of time to work on your own! The Individual Artistic Track weeks are especially designed after a week of intensive learning during the Summer Collage Studio or Becoming an Artist workshop for you to have some time to work on your own and to absorb, digest and embed all the new information you have obtained through intensive learning. Alternatively you can also start your stay with us for an Individual Artistic Track, to “warm up”, work by yourself, get some personal artistic coaching, and get going so that when the intensive group workshop starts, you are ready for it! This workshop is also ideal for people who have been off the art-track for a while, have lost touch with their artwork and want to reawaken it. Dates summer 2015: 20 - 27 June, 4 - 11 July & 18 - 25 July Location: Iris Art Centre (Afidnes)!map/c5an

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