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Artist coaching residencies and art workshops 

in Greece for artists, students and creatives.

Online art coaching.

Located in the beautiful, quiet countryside just north of Athens.

Annette Luycx has dedicated her life to art, art coaching and self-discovery through artistic expression. This passion for art, combined with her Greek hospitality has led to her turning her large villa and studio in Afidnes into the IRIS ART CENTRE, a place where she organizes summer art workshops and artist residencies, together with three Greek artist friends.  She named her centre Iris after the Greek goddess of inspiration, in line with her passion for mythology, archetypes and spirituality. Annette got her Master's Degree in Art Education at the Maryland  Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore in 2012. To obtain her degree she did research on development of artistic voice and wrote a handbook on the basis of her research "From Art to Empowerment: How Women Can Develop Artistic Voice".  It is available on Amazon.

IRIS ART CENTRE is specialized in art education and art coaching for artists, students and creatives of all ages and abilities. In the workshops and residencies, and in the online coaching Annette organizes and leads, you get all the guidance and encouragement you need to work on your artistic expression and to discover and develop your personal artistic voice. If you wish, Annette can organise a visit to the studio of a Greek artist of your specialty, and give advice about contemporary art galleries and musea.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic we launched a "coaching residency online" through ZOOM. This was so successful that Annette has continued this unique art coaching practice. When you book an online coaching residency, Annette meets with you online every day for five or more working days, and you make sure you have a week off to dedicate to your coaching residency, so that you can develop new work in your own studio, guided by Annette's art coaching. 

At the IRIS ART CENTRE groups are small (2 - 6) and you will be given individual attention and guidance. Workshops and residencies are full board so you have the possibility to work concentrated for long stretches of time, and get into a flow. Mission of the IRIS ART CENTRE is that all people can learn how to express themselves artistically. Here, you will learn the tools and techniques that will awaken and develop your artistic potential, and establish your artistic voice. Beginning and established artists, students and creatives from all backgrounds are welcome to apply to the IRIS ART programs.  Combine developing your artistic talents and being coached by a published art educator and artist, with enjoying home-made food and self-made wine and a luxurious stay on a 2,5 acre estate in the country side of Greece. In for tailor-made holidays?


The IRIS Artist Coaching Residency


IRIS Artist Coaching Residency March - October

see dates here. Application is ongoing, no deadlines.


This residency program offers artists, students and creatives a concentrated work period of 1-6 weeks in a quiet rural area in Greece. The Residency provides you with opportunities to research and develop your artistic practices with the support of an art coaching program (Monday to Friday). You will learn how to identify and tap into your artistic sources, exploring deeper layers, new visions, concepts and practices. Weekends are free.

Online Artist Coaching Residency, and online art lessons

NEW! You can now do a "coaching residency online" through ZOOM. Annette meets with you online every day for five or more working days, and you make sure you have a week off to dedicate to your coaching residency, so you can develop new work in your own studio, guided by Annette's art coaching. 

The IRIS Week-long Art Workshops


13 - 20 July 2024

You will be introduced to the basics of collage, mixed media, abstract art, and photo montage, and you will get to know the main currents in the art of the 20th century. Then you have the rest of the day to create your own collages! A week for all; either beginning or established artists!

Artistic Voice 

14 - 21 September '24

What do you have to say as an artist, what is your message, how can you find it, and express it artistically? This is an intensive week in which you will learn how to visualize your narrative, where to find inspiration inside and what the tools are for inspired art-making. 


16 - 21 January ONLINE

You’ll learn how to find your intuitive voice in reading the cards and develop your personal artistic symbols of Tarot. We will explore how symbols can serve as a personal visual language in your own creative expression. 

Artists with limited mobility using a wheelchair


The IRIS ART CENTRE welcomes artists with limited mobility using a wheelchair in its art workshops and residencies. All spaces in the IRIS ART CENTRE are wheelchair accessible, including the swimming pool. There are no stairs in the route from bedroom to bathroom, kitchen, garden and swimming pool. Use of elevator is available for the teaching area and studio. The sink in the studio can be used by people in a wheelchair.  

wheelchair accessible

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