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Always wanted to make art but didn't know where to start? Then this program is for you! A brand new online program of 8 personal sessions for complete beginners in art. It is light and easy, and you will be surprised by the fun and surprising creative strategies you will learn during the program, that will help you make the art you love. This is a special program with personal coaching sessions that will initiate you in "the ways of the artists" and teach you all their secrets! You will make the first steps toward understanding where to start and what the artistic process is like.  Sessions are once a week, to give you enough time to explore your art-making. At the end of this two month program, you will have made 8 works of art in collage. 

Annette works with a holistic method that alivens your imagination using writing and visualization exercises. You will learn how to access your personal artistic sources and discover your personal creative strategies. All material is from Annette's workbook “From Art to Empowerment” . All sessions are tailored to your needs, and have a theoretical part and a hands-on part showing the how to of working in collage.

total price:  € 790

What is included: 

-  8 weekly one-on-one 60 minute art coaching sessions, with slides and handouts, sent to your email after the session.

- the book "From Art to Empowerment", sent to your home address! 

Please click here if you'd like more information.

Learn to make the art you love!
Online art coaching for beginning artists


"I don't know where to start!"

A brand new online program for complete beginners in art.
using ZOOM with artist/art coach Annette Luycx M.Ed.

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IRIS Online Artist Coaching Residency:
a premium transformational art coaching program!

For artists who want to deepen or freshen up their art practice, but do not want to travel to Greece, IRIS ART CENTRE offers an “Online Artist Coaching Residency” through ZOOM.

The Online IRIS Artist Coaching Residency is a premium transformational art coaching program that will give you the tools and the guidance to clear your lens, develop your talents, and discover new goals for your artmaking, while staying at home and working in your own studio.  With more than 20 years of experience in artistic talent development, we will guide and support you to have major transformations in your artistic development.

This online artist coaching residency is for artists, students and creatives who want to find new trails in their artistic expression or who want to get back on track after a period of being blocked. Having a Master's degree in art education, Annette Luycx has specialized in the development of artistic voice. She works with a holistic method, developed after years of teaching art to adults and of coaching artists.  Personal development and increasing self-knowledge through introspection go hand in hand with developing exciting new artwork. Annette has developed a method that activates the inner world and the imagination through writing and visualization exercises, tailor-made for every individual artist.  “Activating the Inner World” is a well tested coaching practice that will help you make new discoveries through identifying and learning how to access your artistic sources, explore deeper layers, new visions, concepts and practices.  “Activating the Inner World”  is the basis  of the workbook “From Art to Empowerment” .

During the coaching sessions Annette takes the role of a mentor and will guide you on an empowering journey of self-discovery and development of your art-making process. 

"The methodology worked perfect for me. It gave me a structural approach to gather my thoughts and make them more clear and it also gave me the opportunity to go more in depth and really start digging!  Annette is a very calm and open person who gives you the feeling you can tell her anything without being scrutinized." 

A.P. (artist)

"Annette has the talent to feel what you need and at what time. She is open to suggestions as well. At the same time she protects the process you are in for. It was a pragmatic way of working. Annette felt what I needed and at what pace. That is very clever. Annette is highly educated and knows what she is talking about. Being an artist herself, she understands the language."

D.P. (artist)

"You live, understand and teach creative visual arts processes at an extraordinary level that inspires and awakens your students. You are a powerful teacher and artist."

S.J. (artist)

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Annette will meet with you online every day for five working days, and you make sure you have five days off (or more!) to dedicate to your coaching residency, so that you can develop new work in your own studio, guided by her online daily art coaching.  You will meet online for 90 minutes every day. Everyday under her guidance you will make new discoveries in your artistic potential. She will teach you how to identify and tap into your artistic sources, exploring deeper layers, new visions, concepts and practices. Next to finding new trails in your artistic expression, you will spend around 30 minutes every day on evaluating what you worked on and discovered during the previous day. In this way your online artist coaching residency will be a real learning experience. After these 5 intensive days, your art-making practice will feel refreshed and aligned with your values and goals, and you will have plenty of ideas and material to work for months! Book a package, send in your residency statement and pictures of old or new work, and you will go from intake to laying the foundations for a new body of work and a writing a brand-new artist statement.

Online Artist Coaching Residency

5 day program of five 90 minute sessions:   € 750


If you want to book an Artist Coaching Residency week from Monday to Friday, please book your five daily sessions using the "Book here!" button. Available times are flexible to also accommodate artists from overseas. Then, make the payment using the PayPal button.


To apply write a residency statement (about 500 words) describing the reason you would like to join an online coaching residency and your goal; what you would like to discover or work on. Please also send pictures of old or recent work, as well as your CV. All this information will facilitate a focused art mentoring. Please email this information here.  

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Online Artist Coaching
using ZOOM with artist/art coach Annette Luycx M.Ed.

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