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Artistic Voice

6 - 13 April 2024 (Easter holidays) 

14 - 21 September 2024



Artistic Voice: a workshop to expand your personal artistic development!

What do you have to say as an artist, what is your message, how can you find it, and express it artistically? This is an intensive week in which you will learn how to visualize your narrative, where to find inspiration inside and what the tools are for inspired art-making. In this workshop you will learn how to develop your artistic voice: your very personal visual language. 

During this intensive workshop you will find a personal issue, and explore the metaphors, colours and mediums you need to visualize this issue in your art. Artistic Voice uses a working method, inspired by holistic art education, that will assist you in the process of visualizing your inner world. It is called  Activating the Inner World:  by diving inside yourself, the world of reflection, imagination, emotion and intuition, you will find your own core: that specific word, image, feeling, memory or dream that is your unique experience. This workshop will help you years from now to continue and explore your personal artistic trail. We will work with collage, paint and mixed media, drawing and writing (journaling) to assist you in discovering the tools that are most helpful on your artistic journey. Artistic Voice will inspire your artistic ability and expand your personal development as an artist. You will discover the riches of your own life experiences as sources of inspired art-making. 

Develop your artistic abilities

Together with your artistic mentor Annette Luycx you will work on the exploration of your artistic cosmos, develop your artistic abilities, focus on a specific issue you feel passionate about, and find new trails in your artistic expression. After the daily lecture and assignment, you have the whole morning to experiment or work on a specific project. After a dive in the swimming pool and lunch surrounded by the olive grove, you can continue with individual studio work, get in a flow and work on new ideas and reflections. Your artistic mentor will clarify any queries you might have or support your process.  Then there is time for a rest, another dip in the pool, or a walk to a silent cool 14th-century church (20 minutes) before dinner.  In the evenings there is an inspiring program of activities to support your process. There will be films about the artistic voice of famous artists, and group discussions about contemporary art. These events will be a precious addition to the discovery and development of your personal artistic voice, as they create room for new insights and ideas.

 "I would like to thank you for everything you taught me. I am always happy when I meet people who inspire me. You teach in such a clear and creative way! I hope you will continue to inspire many more people, like you have inspired me."  

E. B.  (art student)

An art workshop for all levels

Instruction will accommodate both emerging and established artists. Art students of all ages and backgrounds, on beginning, intermediate or advanced levels are welcome to join an Artistic Voice workshop. 


The workshop will be taught by Annette Luycx M. Ed., collage artist & art educator with over twenty years of experience teaching art to people of all ages and abilities. The workshop will be in English though Annette speaks Greek, Dutch, French and German as well.


All materials are included.


Prices 2024

Double occupancy: € 1000 per week

Single occupancy:  € 1200 per week

This is inclusive pick up/drop off at Metamorfosi train-station, where the suburban train coming from the airport stops.




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