The IRIS Artist Coaching Residency in Greece:
time, space and support.

Expand your artistic practice, develop your talents and your full artistic potential!


Come and enjoy a concentrated work period in a quiet rural area north of Athens, Greece to research and expand your artistic practice. The IRIS Artist Coaching Residency offers you a unique opportunity to develop your talents and explore new trails in your artistic expression. With years of experience in artistic talent development, your artistic mentor, Annette Luycx will support your development to your full artistic potential. These coaching residencies will offer you the time, space and support you need to make major transformations in your artistic development.


"You live, understand and teach creative visual arts processes at an extraordinary level that inspires and awakens your students. You are a powerful teacher and artist.

S.J. (visual artist)

"I miss you a lot!  I have the warmest memories of your home and the Art Centre! It was so productive and an unforgettable time last March!"  

T.T. (artist)


The IRIS Artist Coaching Residencies are open to beginning and established artists, students and creatives of all ages and backgrounds. The residency is situated in the private home of artist Annette Luycx, a villa in the midst of olive groves and vineyards near the village of Afidnes, at a 45 minute drive from the center of Athens, and a 5 minute drive from the local train station that brings you to Athens, where museums and galleries give plenty of new inspiration for your artistic work. The natural atmosphere of peace and silence give ample opportunity for concentrated work; an ideal environment for self-reflection and artistic growth. 


Artists have their own private en suite air-conditioned room and shared studio space. The centre also has an outside studio, and an area of 2,5 acres of natural environment ideal for building outdoor ceramic kilns  (only between 1 October and 1 May) or exploring installation or land art projects. We welcome up to three artists at a time. Partners are welcome and can follow a program in the morning on Greek culture, history and social reality if they like.

Talent Development

Rediscover the artist within under the guidance of your artistic mentor for as many weeks as you like. A stay at the IRIS Artist Residency is an especially rewarding experience that offers artists:

  • clearing of the lens

  • finding a new focus

  • setting new artistic goals

  • writing a new artistic statement


Forget all you have learned and rediscover the artist within through Annette Luycx's unique art methodology “Activating the Inner World”. Under her guidance you will make new discoveries in the development of your artistic potential. This artistic talent development consists of identifying and tapping into your artistic sources, exploring deeper layers, new visions, concepts and practices.


To apply write a residency statement (about 500 words) describing the reason you would like to join a residency and your goal; what you would like to discover or work on during your stay with us. We would also welcome pictures of old or recent work, as well as your CV. All this information will facilitate a focused artistic mentoring during your stay with us. 

Basic materials like plain paper, cardboard, markers, pencils, glue, scissors, cutters,  cutting boards, and magazines are available. Artists may bring their own materials if they like, or send us a list of what they need and we will make sure it is all there when they arrive (at the artist's expense). 

The IRIS ART CENTRE welcomes artists with limited mobility. The building, studio, bedrooms, bathrooms, the swimming pool and surrounding natural environment are all wheelchair-accessible. The sink in the studio can be used by people in a wheelchair. The centre has an elevator.                                    

Artist Coaching Residency Dates 2022

  •  Early Spring: 5 March - 16 April

  •  Late Spring: 14 May - 11 June

  •  Summer: 16 July - 13 August 

  •  Autumn: 10 September - 22 October


 Prices 2021 - 2022

€ 890 per week, € 840 per week for two weeks or more. Partners of artists staying in the same room pay € 450 a week for a full board stay.                                                                                                                         


If you would like to come outside these planned timeslots, please contact us and we will check if we can accommodate you.

What we offer

  • an en suite air-conditioned private room with balcony and garden view

  • full board stay, all meals and drinks are included

  • two hours of one-on-one artistic mentoring a day Mon-Fri

  • use of the studio 24/7

  • use of the swimming pool (1 June till 15 October)

  • WiFi 

  • a shared studio space

  • pick-up/drop off at Metamorfosi train station (where trains from the airport arrive every 20 minutes)

  • pick-up/drop off at Afidnes train station (where trains to Athens depart every 2 hours) whenever you like



  • fill in the online application form

  • write a residency statement (about 500 words) describing the reason you would like to join this residency and your goal; what you would like to discover or to work on during your stay with us.

  • Attach relevant pictures of old or recent work

  • Attach a short CV


Upon confirmation of the availability of the requested week(s), please send your deposit of € 250 via bank transfer or PayPal within three weeks. All transfer costs are for you, please check. PayPal's transfer cost is € 15 so if you use the button on the website please transfer € 265. As soon as we have received your deposit you will get an email confirming your participation in the residency. The remaining amount is due four weeks before arrival.

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