Do you want to find new sources of inspiration and increase your artistic and visual sensitivity?

This is a workshop you’ve probably been looking for for a long time. It will teach you in a practical and revealing way what the artistic process is about. You will work on the development of your personal artistic voice, the process of “becoming an artist”. You will learn how to tap into our personal artistic sources, using visualization and imagination techniques, which will increase your artistic and visual sensitivity. You will work on a personal issue you feel passionate about, and learn how to explore it artistically. The focus will be on the artistic process, not on the end result. This workshop will be taught this summer, 27 June - 4 July 2015, at Villa the Art:

IRIS ART CENTRE: ideal for artists with limited mobility using a wheelchair

The IRIS ART CENTRE welcomes artists with limited mobility using a wheelchair in all its art workshops and residencies. All spaces in the IRIS ART CENTRE are wheelchair accessible, so is the swimming pool; two bathrooms are accessible for people in a wheelchair. There are no steps in the route from bedroom to bathroom, kitchen, teaching area, studio, garden, swimming pool. The sink in the studio can be used by people in a wheelchair. The Centre has an elevator. Artists using a wheelchair have said they felt free and happy at the IRIS ART CENTRE. They could move around by themselves, go to a worktable in the garden, go back to the studio, have a drink in the kitchen, and continue their arti

Summer art workshops in Greece | Art residencies

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