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Summer art workshops & artist residencies

Apply now or contact us for more information

Please fill in the application form and send it to us. You will receive an email from us informing you if there are places available, and any answers to your queries.
Reservation is only confirmed after we've received your booking deposit of € 250.
The remaining amount is due four weeks before your workshop or residency starts.

Up to 8 weeks before the workshop or residency starts, you can cancel your participation without further payment, with reimbursement of your paid deposit - minus 15% handling fee.

Practical information

All workshops and residencies start on Saturday evening with a welcoming dinner at 8 p.m. You are welcome any time of the day (depending on your flight) but your room will be available after 1 p.m.

Workshops and residencies finish on Saturday morning after breakfast. You may leave before lunch but you should have emptied your room at 10 a.m.


Do not book your flight until we have confirmed your participation in the workshop of your choice. You should book your flight to Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos. You can rent a car, book our partnered taxi driver, or choose be picked up by us at train station Metamorfosi where trains arrive every 20 minutes from the airport. Please inform us on time about your flight details.


Booking terms and conditions

Upon confirmation of the availability of the requested week(s), please send your deposit of € 250 via bank transfer or PayPal (€ 265) within three weeks. You may use the button under this text.

As soon as we have received your deposit you will get an email confirming your participation in the residency or workshop. The remaining amount is due four weeks before arrival. Please note that if there are any costs involved in making the balance payment they will be your responsibility. 


Up to 8 weeks before the workshop or residency starts, you can cancel your participation without further payment, with reimbursement of your paid deposit - minus 15% handling fee. In case of cancellation from 8 weeks to 28 days before the workshop or residency starts 50% of the price is due. If you cancel within 28 days before the workshop starts the full amount is due. After the workshop or residency you booked has started, no refund is possible. In case of unforeseen circumstances, it may be possible to send someone in your place or come for your residency/workshop later within the year that you have booked.   

COVID-19 related terms and conditions

In case of COVID-19 related problems we have the following terms and conditions for residencies: if you decide, more than 8 weeks before your residency starts), due to COVID-19 related problems, to postpone your residency, we keep the deposit and you will pay the remaining fees at least four weeks before the new start date of your residency. If you decide not to come within 28 days before your residency starts, or if there is a lock-down, and the payment is done, we will keep the payment, but you can come at another time-slot within the year. For workshops, as they take place in spring and summer, we will update the COVID-19 related terms and conditions  in January 2021. 


We advise you to book travel insurance. The IRIS ART CENTRE cannot be held liable for personal injury, illness, theft or other inconveniences during your stay.

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