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Podcast Interview: How Art Empowers Women

Enjoy listening to my interview on Valeria Teles' podcast!

We talk about my book "From Art to Empowerment: How Women Can Develop Artistic Voice"; about why I wrote the book for women, about freedom and creativity and how art can be self-healing. I explain that the key to empowerment is self-knowledge and I that the imagination plays a major role in this process. When women visualize images behind the worlds they use to describe an issue of personal interest they want to work on in their art, they start to “see” what is important and meaningful to them and they start a process of self-discovery.

I wrote the book because I wanted to provide a method for teaching art to women that would empower them. Through my work I encounter women that are insecure and puzzled. I realized that through letting them surf on their own “inner-net” (this is how I call the journeying through the personal inner world with the help of the imagination) they discover their own images and they start to make art that is meaningful to them. By making their inner world visible they get in touch with their inner authenticity, and develop personal artistic voice. This whole process is very empowering!

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