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Buy wonderful prints and merch featuring Annette's portraits!

Please visit Annette's e-store here.

You will find exquisitely detailed Giclee art prints of her portraits in collage, as well as fun merch, just to have and to enjoy, like Tote bags, T-shirts and cushions. These are great, original gifts to friends or family. When you feel like you want to totally step outside of your comfort zone and do something completely different, visit Annette's e-store and buy an original, unique gift! All purchases are carefully packed and shipped, no need to worry about that! And there are so many options! You might like to buy a few gifts, so you are ready in case you need a a special treat to your very special person!

Go ahead and have a look! It is so positive to support a hardworking artist instead of corporate businesses that sell soulless objects. This merch has a soul! It was created with a special feel of showing people "inside-out". For all inquiries you can always contact Annette directly at

Annette says about these portraits:

"In my collage portraits I attempt to decontruct familiar everyday faces, to shed light into the sinews of their being. I strive to merge reality and fantasy into each human composition, to blaze parallel paths to the viewer's perception and the subject's deciphered sensibility. The resulting images display new faces that come to life and lead us to the dreamland of human emotions. I love human beings in their individual uniqueness and find beauty in the partial concealment of each: we see body and face, hear the voice and receive the self-presentation of each individual - worries and all - and yeat a large portion of who they are remains unseen. This is the secret treasure of each person; and this is what intrigues me, whatever each of us holds back: feelings, remembrances, thoughts and secrets. Everybody has his or her own mythology, gods, symbols, magical animals. Remnants from our children's world, full of magic, awe and fear. These memories never leave us, they are buried deep in the soil of our soul."


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