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Self-Discovery Through Art as the Path to Empowerment.

Interview with Meryl Ann Butler, OpedNews Managing Editor and artist.

I "met" Meryl Ann Butler online in one of my VAWAA art webinars during the Covid pandemic. We discovered we both had a passion for how artistic expression can lead to joy-filled wellbeing and that it is a wonderful route to self-discovery.

In the interview Meryl Ann asks me about my book "From Art to Empowerment: How Women Can Develop Artistic Voice" and I explain what "artistic voice" is, and how I define "empowerment". I also explain why I wrote the book for women! I share pictures of my work as an art-educator and coach of adult women and give information about my workshops, online and in-person art coaching, and about where you can buy my prints. If you'd like to read it please use this link or the QR code below.

If you like to focus on self-discovery through the arts, you might want to check out our in person upcoming workshop where Clarissa Shanahan and I will teach you how the symbolism and metaphorical richness of Tarot and Astrology can give your artistic work unphathomable depth, and guide you to discover unknown corners of your soul.

I can also create a one-on-one program for you to guide you online on the path of artistic expression, and the discovery of your artistic voice. Please get in touch if you are interested!


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