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Hiking in Parnitha National Parc

Spring is in the air! The temperature is anywhere between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius, ideal for hikes and short walks in Parnitha National Parc. Within a few minutes you can walk to this beautiful natural avenue and you can start your hike to the monastery of the Holy Angels, where you can meditate for a bit in the chapel of the Prophet Elias. If you are decently dressed, and you feel like it you may ask to be let into the monastery.

For longer hikes you can walk to what was once the summer mansion of the former King, and if you are lucky and silent and you walk against the wind, you might see a deer or two. Fortunately with GPS on your phone, it is hard to get lost.

Painters can be taken to beautiful locations with all their stuff and a packed lunch and can be picked up late afternoon when it becomes to cool to be outside.

Walks can also be organised around lake Marathon where you might see a heron, as there are many frogs! If you are a seasoned walker, you can walk all the way to the dam, and have a coffee or salad at the restaurant next to the dam, while pondering upon the waters of the lake.

So much to do around the IRIS ART CENTRE!

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