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IRIS Live Workshops Are Now Online!

Starting on the 1st of October, for four weeks, we're going online with our most popular workshop: How to Develop Artistic Voice!

Learn to tap into your personal narrative and to visually express what is meaningful to you!

What do you want to say as an artist, what is your message, how can you find it, and express it artistically? In four two-hour webinars, from the 1st to the 22nd of October, you will learn how to develop your artistic voice: your very personal visual language. During this intensive online workshop you will find a personal issue, and learn how to use your imagination to visualize this issue in your art.

How to Develop Artistic Voice uses a working method, inspired by holistic art education, that will assist you in the process of visualizing your inner world. It is called "Activating the Inner World": by going inside, into the world of reflection, imagination, emotion and intuition, you will find that specific word, image, feeling, memory or dream that is your unique experience. This workshop will help you to explore your personal artistic cosmos. We will work with collage, paint, mixed media and writing (journaling) to assist you in discovering the tools that are most helpful on your artistic journey. This workshop will inspire your artistic ability and expand your personal development as an artist. You will discover the riches of your own life experiences as sources of inspired art-making.

Price for the four sessions: $ 160

Tickets here:


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