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A review from a happy student!

I wanted to share with you some happy memories and a good review posted on Facebook from one of our Outdoor Painting workshop students 2018:

"Last summer seems like it was years ago, but I have been wanting to post about this for a while. For my 60th birthday I took myself to an art workshop in Greece. It was full room and board so all I had to think about was what I wanted to paint each day.

The location was beautiful! The director and one of the instructors— Annette Luycx is knowledgeable and an amazing host. I took the outdoor painting workshop with Yannis Antonakeas. Annette added art history and general art practice discussions and Andonis Papadantonakis (Annette's husband) is a Greek culture expert and rounded out the experience for me."

Plan your summer now!

It is always wonderful when people still remember their art holidays with us, even a year later, and post on Facebook to support us.

Summer art workshops in Greece | Art residencies
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