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Women Artists in the Summer Collage Studio

During the 2015 Summer Collage Studio we will specifically focus on women artists Hannah Höch, Sophie Täuber-Arp, Lee Krasner, and VALIE EXPORT and look at the development of their personal visual language. One evening will look at a film on feminist artists and have a discussion afterwards about the “feminist context” in the feminist art history of collage. This will be an interesting counterweight to the work of the great “masters” (from which perspective?!) like Picasso, Matisse, Arp, etc. In this workshop participants will be encouraged to focus on visually elaborating an issue of personal interest.

Every day will start with a lecture/power point presentation on one of the main artists in the art history of collage. You will learn about the life, work and artistic choices of a specific artist and the socio-historical period the artist lived in. The supportive syllabus will help you to embed the newly learned information. Techniques and concepts employed by the artist will be demonstrated.

The rest of the day you can use to try out these new concepts and formats in your own artwork. By making an abstract collage after seeing work by Arp and Miro, and playing with composition, colors and shapes you explore unknown aspects of your artistic inner world. The Abstract Expressionist collages of Lee Krasner will encourage you to explore Krasner's idea of "abstract collage with a psychological content".

During this workshop students will be given assistance in discovering their own artistic cosmos and reconnecting with their inspiration. Students are immersed in understanding art making by going through a rigorous personal process of making connections between the world of collage art; its currents, materials, concepts and techniques, and their own personal experiences and life’s journey.


13 – 20 June

11 – 18 July