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Summer Artist Residency: artistic talent development

Come and enjoy a concentrated work period (1-6 weeks) in the Greek countryside in the early summer. The silence and quiet atmosphere of the rural landscape will offer you the opportunity to discover new trails in your artistic development. During the summer artist residency at the IRIS ART CENTRE the attention will be on artistic talent development. You will follow an intensive program for as many weeks as you like, guided by a personal artistic coach, enabling you to develop your full artistic potential. Artistic talent development consists of identifying and tapping into your artistic sources, exploring deeper layers, new visions, concepts and practices. Everyday you will make new discoveries about your ideas and your work. At the end of your residency you will have the possibility to present your artistic process at an art space in Athens.

We will concentrate on the theories of artistic development of Kandinsky, Klee, Bauhaus, and Black Mountain College during the morning sessions, and see relevant films and videos of inspiring artists in the evening. Every morning you will be coached for an hour, and you will be given an assignment to work on till lunch. After lunch you can work by yourself.

Kandinsky: “I value only those artists, who really are artists, that is, who consciously or unconsciously, in an entirely original form, embody the expression of their inner life; who only work for this end; and cannot work otherwise.” (from “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”)

Summer art workshops in Greece | Art residencies
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